Anita's rise to big bands, 1910-1969. Chicago, Krupa, Kenton and Benny Goodman

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Anita's grew up with an alcoholic father and unhappy mother and in the slums and nightclubs of Chicago.

Why she starting singing in church and walkathons as a teenager.  Her debut in the nightclubs of Chicago and adventures in Florida.

Anita tells some funny and traumatic stories about riding with the Gene Krupa band on a bus across country during WWII.

 Anita's choice of, Let Me Off Uptown with Krupa's band sold 1,000,000 in three weeks!    

Krupa’s arrest and defense in the courts of San Francisco.   Anita unexpected escape by marrying Karl Hoff.

 How Anita ended up in a trial for drugs in Long Beach  and her short career as a bootlegger on base.

 How she met drummer John Poole, and their adventures traveling across

the United States.   How she ended up singing at the Newport Jazz Festival

which led to a tour of Europe with Benny Goodman  of Europe and performed at the German Sportpalast where the Olympics were held in the 30's.

 And much more.  617 pages.