Biography of Anita O'Day 1910-1969: Jazz, Genius, and Jail


 Anita's mentors in Chicago.  

 Funny stories of riding with the Gene Krupa band on a bus across country during WWII.

 Anita's hit, Let Me Off Uptown, which sold 1,000,000 in three weeks!

 How did Anita survive the music business?   How did she kick her heroin habit?

 Anita's short career as a bootlegger. 

  Krupa’s arrest and defense in the courts of San Francisco.  Anita's jury trial in Long Beach.

 Traveling with drummer and manager, John Poole. 

 Singing at the Newport Jazz Festival which led to a tour of Europe with Benny Goodman.  

Much more.  617 pages.