Anita 1970-2006. How she survived drugs and the music business. 641 pages

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This continues Anita's story. She used to say, “I’m still here.” 

After John Poole kicked heroin on Maui, he went to Honolulu with a pair of drumsticks. 

He  got a job with crazy Joe Castro and the International Jazz Trio, then with ukelele jazz giant Ohta San's band.

Meanwhile, Anita's radio commentator boyfriend stole her piano and big band music scores and put them in storage.  She showed up in Hawaii with just a suitcase. 

We moved to California and put out a record which led to Anita's becoming the "Sweetheart of Japan."

Anita's biography quotes her interviews about life, and humor, and her adventures with John Poole in Europe, Japan, United States, and Canada.   Her story tells of her interviews on the Tonight Show, Dick Cavette, Joe Franklin, 60 Minutes, plus what happened with Mel Torme at Carnegie Hall, 50th Anniversary at Carnegie, and the Buddy Rich Band.